Hannaway: (813) 677-2111
South Pointe: (813) 671-7168
Being in the business for over 30 years has given us the pleasure of having
second generation children. Our parents have plenty to say about our care.

"Awesome"      "Love it!"
Mary Go Round Child Care Center is a family business with the Hannaway center providing "quality child care" since 1976.
We added a second center, South Pointe, in 2000. Our goal is to provide the best environment for the physical and
emotional development of our children. We encourage not just learning, but the love of learning. One strength of our
program is the experience, expertise, and dedication of our staff. Combining the two centers we easily have over 100 years
experience. We encourage our teachers with training, resources, and freedom to create a unique learning environment.

Our programs are designed to develop a sense of independence and responsibility in our children. Mary Go Round strives
to develop each child's own cultural identity , while instilling respect for others.